Road Signs

As those who drive will undoubtedly be aware, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of road and traffic signs out there, with so many of them needing to be known in order to pass the car theory and practical driving tests. They aren't just there to make the test difficult however, as much as it might seem that way at the time. The signs seen on the roads around world actually serve a purpose. Vehicle, traffic and road signs can play a vital role in the effective functioning of roads, cycle paths and other pedestrian and traffic type areas.

A road sign is a health and safety sign that helps drivers navigate our roads. Road signs can inform you of restrictions on the road (Speed Limit Signs) or warn you of potential dangers whilst driving (Warning Flood Sign).

Road signs are essential to keeping roads safe. Road signs have a multitude of uses going from giving directions, to notifying the general public of ongoing roadworks. Road signs can be found anywhere from motorways to country lanes.

Road signs do not all share the same properties, however there are some general characteristics that can help you identify them. The majority of roads signs will be found in areas that experience high volumes of traffic, or in areas where hazards on the road have been anticipated. They are generally made of aluminum and are reflective so they can be seen at night by car headlights.

Some of the reasons you may want to put up a road sign if traffic are:                          

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